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Go solar and save.

Future-proof your home or business from electricity price hikes with an energy solution from a local, family‑owned business. 

Our in-house design team will customise your solar and battery storage solution, installed by our quality‑guaranteed installers.

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Why choose Thoroughtec Solar & Electrical

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Customer Service

At Thoroughtec, we provide a higher customer service standard than expected in the trades industry. From your initial enquiry to completion, our focus is personalised service. We'll guide you through the technical detail and deliver first-class customer service and installation completed to the highest standard.

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We are reliable, friendly and courteous.

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We will always contact you to confirm our arrival time.

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We always clean up once our work is complete.

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We 100% guarantee all of our work.

Quality & Safety

Thoroughtec is committed to providing a Quality Management System that complies with AS/ISO 9001:2016 requirements. Our work complies with all of the relevant Australian standards, including;

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Electricity Safety Act 2002.

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Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.

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Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

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South Australian Electrical Contracting Industry Code of Practice 2013.

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Solar now, pay later

Financing your solar system means you start saving money on your power bill immediately.

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We provide financing through Plenti Australia's number 1 rated consumer lender where you get faster, fairer loans.

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From as low as $5.40 per day, spread the cost of your purchase over time.

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Reduce bill shock by redirecting the money you save on your power bill to your solar system.

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Get a flexible payment plan to suit your budget, no deposit, 24 to 84 month payment plans.

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Our Services

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Solar panel solutions

Our onsite consultation ensures we understand your electricity-saving goals, energy use and generation capacity. Our focus is to future-proof your home from annual electricity price rises.

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Energy storage systems

Adding a battery to your solar panel system means surplus electricity is stored for on-demand self-consumption. Our in-house team will perform an onsite consultation and provide energy storage system advice to suit your electricity-saving goals and budget.

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Commercial solar solutions

Adding a solar solution to your business immediately offsets peak demand and helps the environment. Thoroughtec's in-house team designs and installs commercial solar systems future-proofing your business from increasing electricity prices.

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Solar panel health check and clean

A Thoroughtec solar panel health check and clean ensures your solar system is operating optimally. We check for and remove pollution, animal droppings, lichen growth and salt buildup. Our health check includes a nine-page report.

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Electrician services

Throroughtec Solar and Electrical are residential and commercial electrical contractors who can provide a wide range of electrical power, lighting, telecommunications, computer networking, security systems, data cabling and more.

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Electrical car chargers

Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity as a sustainable transportation option. To help meet this demand, Thoroughtec has partnered with the world's most reputable electric charging manufacturers to offer you the best EV Charging station on the market.

Benefits of solar

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Reduce power bills

Solar power can significantly reduce or even eliminate electricity bills. By generating electricity, you can reduce reliance on an energy provider and protect yourself against rising energy costs.

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Help the planet

Solar power is a renewable energy source that produces clean electricity without emissions of greenhouse gases or air pollutants. By using solar energy, you contribute to reducing environmental impact and combating climate change.

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No more blackouts

A solar panels and battery solution allow you to generate and store electricity, reducing dependence on the grid, and providing stability during power outages or disruptions, ensuring a continuous power supply.

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Save money with incentives

Taking advantage of SA government incentives and rebates can make solar installations more affordable and provide a quicker return on investment.

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Increase your property value

Homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher market value and greater appeal; installing solar panels can be a wise investment that enhances the overall value of your property.

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Long-term investment

Solar panels are built to withstand various weather conditions and have a long lifespan. With minimal maintenance requirements, solar systems have provided reliable electricity generation for decades.

We choose and recommend brands for their performance, reliability and warranty conditions.


"This is the second system that Adrian has installed for me... The communication was excellent both times, and all issues were dealt with brilliantly. Could not be happier with the service and quality of work and would highly recommend."


"Very happy with Thoroughtec Solar & Electrical. Customer Service was first class, and the installation process was professional and completed to a high standard. Highly recommend."


"From our first interaction with Adrian at Thoroughtec we have been impressed. He is extremely knowledgeable but also professional and genuine and was punctual when installing our solar. They were polite and worked efficiently to get the job done quickly, leaving our property spotless when they were finished."


"Adrian did an awesome job with our 6.6kW system. Extremely professional from the outset, punctual, and had great communication throughout the process. He did the extra step of running all cables through the internal wall cavity rather than just running the conduit outside the house."


"We are very happy with their work, very professional, responsive, punctual and clean. They are reachable for any questions and follow-up, great customer service. Highly recommended!"



How do solar panels work? 

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity through an inverter, which can be used to power electrical devices, homes and businesses.

Which solar panels are the best?

Determining the "best" solar panels depends on various factors, like your specific needs, budget, location, and preferences. We use the following well-regarded solar panel manufacturers known for their quality and performance; Trina, REC, and Jinko Solar. Any others?

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Installing solar panels offers several benefits, including reduced electricity bills, lower reliance on traditional energy sources, reduced carbon footprint, potential government incentives, increased property value, and energy independence during power outages.

How much do solar panels cost?

Financial investment depends on system size, panel quality, installation complexity, and location. As a guide, a 6.64kw system starts at $6,500 or a 10.375kw system from $10,000. Our onsite energy assessment ensures we tailor your solar system to suit your budget and electricity generation goals.

What size system will cover my electricity bill?

Designing a solar panel solution to reduce or cover your electricity bill favourably needs to factor in annual KWh, roof orientation and pitch, hours of sunlight and budget. Our consultant will advise and recommend during the initial consultation.

Is mains electricity still needed?

Solar systems only produce electricity when they are exposed to sunlight. When there is no sunlight, no electricity is produced, and you will need to draw electricity from another source, such as the grid or a storage battery. Our energy consultant will advise and recommend during the onsite energy assessment.

Can solar panels power my entire home? 

Solar panels' power output depends on system size, sunlight availability, and energy consumption. They can power a whole home, but it's typical to have a grid-connected system for drawing electricity as needed.

Do solar panels work in cloudy or cold climates? 

Solar panels can still generate electricity, but their efficiency may be reduced. Fortunately, technology has improved solar panel performance in less optimal weather conditions.

Will my solar system work during a blackout?

In a power outage, your solar system will shut down and disconnect from the grid for safety. When power is restored, it will turn on automatically. You should add a battery storage to your solar system to ensure continuous power. We can advise on this during the onsite energy assessment.

How much maintenance do solar panels require? 

Regular maintenance is crucial for your solar panel system's optimal performance and longevity. Get annual cleaning and inspections to identify potential issues. We offer yearly maintenance, or you can schedule cleaning anytime with us.

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